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Brian Hubel

Colorado Springs, CO

"I believe a piece of furniture should stand on it's own. It should be graceful, yet strong. Something you never tire of viewing."
The satisfaction of designing and creating a piece of furniture by hand is the driving force behind Brian Hubel's work. His creative vision, thoughtful design process and dedication to craftsmanship are the pillars behind Brian's ability to transform a raw natural resource into a functional and timeless piece of art. Inspired by the wood itself, Brian has a deep appreciation for the natural beauty, strengths and imperfections in wood. You will find in Brian's work a superior level of quality in design and structure often influenced by Asian design and architectural elements. In Brian's work, you will find a level of craftsmanship that displays a lifetime of developing and mastering skills. You will find a timeless, functional work of art.
Wescover creator since 2020
Projects Portfolio
Residential Project
Denver, CO
Residential Project
Colorado Springs, CO

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