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Tronk Design

Cincinnati, OH

"Elegant Handmade Modern Furniture"
"Brad Musuraca, a co-founder of Tronk Design began making handcrafted contemporary furniture from an unlikely starting point. After attending the University of Cincinnati, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Classics, he began to work at the family business, a small manufacturing facility in Cincinnati. Out of personal curiosity for contemporary furniture and influence from designer friends, Musuraca carved out a corner of the factory for his wood workshop.

From the moment this self-taught designer set up his table saw and made his first cut, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. That was over seven years ago. His style has since become more complex and evolved into something unique. With each piece, he tries to do something he has never done before and tried to push the limits, whether it’s a new finishing technique or type of joinery or material. One aspect of building furniture that really seems to draw him in is that it is constantly changing. There will never come a point when it will become a job just like any other job. It is the pursuit of the unattainable goal of perfection that keeps him going, and acknowledging the constant need for growth in order to perhaps one day reach the unattainable. The ultimate goal is to make something beautiful that will continue to be enjoyed and appreciated long after he is gone."

“Musuraca’s designs are undoubtedly Mid-Century Modern–inspired. His materials of choice include cherry, walnut, and maple, from which he builds geometric, minimalist tables, shelves, planters, and seating” -
Wescover creator since 2017

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