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Boya Porcelain

Belgrade, Serbia

"Less tools and more focus for bringing out the most noble values of porcelain that will make us better people after sitting around the table."
It was my grandma. She called me Boya, and she introduced me to the home rituals around the table. She was not hiding porcelain tableware from herself saving it for "special occasions" but was using it with love and care. I have a collection with imprints of her dolly that is named after her, Bosa.

I never took academic education in pottery. It was my passion while being a student of the Chinese language, my salvation when I returned from China after a year disappointed how little from the culture I dedicated my young years has left. It was my light when I worked for a large retail chain listing their products all day long.

After ten years of practicing and a couple of give-ups, I was ready for the most beautiful and most demanding material, porcelain. It was the point of no return. It is rewarding just for working with it.

Porcelain takes time and focus. It allows a ceramist just a narrow passage that has to be passed at a certain pace. Both too quickly or too slow will make a piece break. That meditative state it brings me to is the reward. Everything else comes as a confirmation.

People's need for gathering around the table is their essential need. We don't gather to hear or say anything new but to confirm the old in a new way. We tell stories to accept and overcome the transience. We can do that without porcelain or even without food or drink on a table. Still, we can enrich the occasion as an accolade to ourselves for the hard work we've put into what we do, our relationships, endeavors of any kind. Porcelain is solid and fragile at the same time. It is noble for not being flashy but beautiful. Stories become better; katharsis is deeper; we become better people.

Since 2012 I create under my own brand. That is when I met my husband, and we quickly became business partners as well. It is not difficult as we believe in the same. He is in charge of everything but the very production. For two years, we are the Boya team joined with three young and very good ceramists.

I love jazz, Vietnamese cuisine, Nick Cave, Paul Auster, and much more.
Wescover creator since 2021

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How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"For me, preparation is essential when working with porcelain. I need to be fully present when I start working on a piece since I can make a mistake anywhere among fifteen different steps and only on the first one the piece can be saved. I’m very comfortable inside the color palette and porcelain’s characteristics. I play a lot inside that quiet vast space. I experiment a lot on the very material and play with textures and contrasts. Once I know the design I start testing it on pieces. Regardless of the ceramist’s experience, unexpected results are always part of the game. If you embrace the unpredictability of the process, you can welcome very beautiful things when opening the kiln."
Boya PorcelainBoya Porcelain

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"We want you to feel warmth, the celebration of human labor and creativity, and their immanence with beauty. Simple joy above all."
Boya PorcelainBoya Porcelain

What is your favorite material to work with?

"I love porcelain. There are great masters with other materials, but the narrow passage the porcelain clay leaves to a ceramist inspires me and teaches me. The reward I and people who will use my pieces get is worth dedicating a lifetime to."
Boya PorcelainBoya Porcelain

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