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Blake Reagan Art

Eureka, CA

"Murals and Fine Art"
For Blake Reagan, using art to portray civilizations quest for achieving sustainable lifestyles has always been a primary mission. While expressing himself through traditional oil paintings, ceramic sculptures, larger than life murals, or live performance fluorescent painting, the duality of the human experience can be seen throughout all of his work. For him, art acts as a catalyst to influence and adopt more viewers into practicing sustainability, establishing community based action, and pushing an agenda of uplifting positive influence and “groovy vibes”.
In 2018 he became involved in mural projects throughout Humboldt County, and was a participant in the Eureka Street Art Festival. Thus reinvigorating a strong passion for creating large murals that the public can enjoy on their commute or urban explorations.
Though self taught, Blake received an A.A. in Liberal Arts at College of the Redwoods. Mostly working out of his studio in Eureka, California, he also paints at several events and festivals around Northern California and Nevada.
Wescover creator since 2020

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