BiP - Street Murals and Murals


San Francisco, CA

Hailing from California, BiP is an anonymous muralist specializing in large buildings who is currently spear-heading the North American street art revival. By combining breath-taking, subtle color mixing with ground-breaking and poignant concept work, BiP creates museum-quality street pieces with an emphasis on humanist and working-class themes. Simultaneously thought-provoking and humorous, BiP pieces are crowd favorites known for stopping traffic in cities like San Francisco, where BiP has amassed a growing series of large buildings that are impossible for visitors to miss.
Aside from large-scale public work, BiP has exhibited for museums in China, Russia, and South America and continues to travel to paint unauthorized graffiti around the world. Followers can track BiP on Instagram at the handle @BiP_Graffiti and via his website,
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