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Becky Wareing Steele

Denver, CO

Becky Wareing Steele is an artist living and working in Denver, Colorado specializing in small scale sculpture. Her work deals with the commonalities that exist in our shared experiences through the examination of scale and environment. Through her sculptural and photographic work with 1:160 scale figures she explores the impact of scale and how it effects our perception of the world around us. This impact can also be found in the way we perceive ourselves in our environment.

In more recent series she has developed narrative components to accompany the works, allowing the viewer to connect with the piece on a deeper level. Using settings familiar and accessible to everyone is a key component of her work. Through this process she is able to alter the way people view everyday situations, seemingly mundane at times, and invite the viewer to think about their place in the environment by altering the scale.

Her newest artistic exploration, Utopia: a new society for all, is a society that exists in concept as well as in physical form as diorama based installation art. This is an experiment in both artistic practice as well as civics and communal living. The modern world and its push for a virtual reality to escape everyday life is working against our instinctive need as humans for community. This project aims to give people an escape from reality while still connecting with people in real life situations.

Wareing Steele holds a BA in Art History from Colorado State University with a focus on Intuit Art.
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