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Barbara Barry - Sconces and Lighting
Barbara Barry
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Barbara Barry

Los Angeles, CA

Barbara Barry lives unabashedly for beauty, both inner and outer and she sees them as intimately connected. Born in California she was raised in a family of painters and grew up noticing the subtle nuances in the colors and in the forms in nature. Nature is her constant inspiration with its elegant colorations and perfect patterns. They show up in her work all the time.

Barbara's career has been circular and organic and her success a constant surprise. She has always loved making a home and has built a life’s work around homemaking. Her clients and the companies for which she design have allowed her to form her vision of beauty, which she sees as a positive force in the world.
With the help of her talented and dedicated staff, they work to create homes in which she’d want to live and products of which she is proud of.

They make it possible for her to travel for inspiration and to speak globally on the things that she loves. Barbara feels blessed to have the life she does and grateful for the relationships her career has engendered.