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Aurelia Bizouard

Paris, France

"Expressing human life through art"
My artistic work expresses itself in a contemporary, contextual and altermodernist art form. It consists in observing the human condition in its own existence, that is to say its social and natural role, and to transcribe an emotion into images in order to bring to light our relationship to a fragile world.

This visual art practice is conceptual and humanist, I aim to break the conformism of society by confronting the reality we live in and by highlighting our emotions. Through this work, the world we see expresses itself, as we see it, as we feel it and as we experience it, according to our actual human condition.

I try to arouse the curiosity of the viewer, to help them provoke their own questioning on their place and role, to see the beauty of the ordinary and of the everyday life and to reflect on their own existence, in a given place, time and context.

This practice, that uses the qualities of glass, represents a metaphor for life and highlights the fragility and strength of human existence:glass is used as a societal reflection, transparency as a trace of reality to build the imaginary, gold magnifies things in life and light is a means of symbolizing life and making it shines. The aesthetics of the transparency magnifies this allegory: I invite the viewer to enter a world of metaphors and illusions.

This approach allows me to create works of art that range from creating pictural, sculptural and photographic works, using projections, ephemeral installations and artistic performances and to:

Bring the world to light and shine a light on the world.
Wescover creator since 2020

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