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Atelier Stōbben

Montreal, Canada

"Handcrafted lamps inspired by minimalism, Mennonite heritage and generations of self-sufficiency"
Atelier Stōbben specializes in handmade modern lighting, working with long-lasting, raw materials, such as hardwood and metal. Designer and founder Paul Neudorf handles all aspects of lamp design in Montreal, QC, and works with artisans, woodworkers and metalworkers who make everything locally in Quebec and southern Ontario.

Neudorf's design style ranges from Scandinavian, with his line of solid hardwood birch and walnut woodturned lamps in various sizes and shapes, to modern contemporary with his geometric lamps that pair hard metallic angles with the soft curves of natural wood. One of our newest lamps is the Stohl Floor Lamp, inspired by 60s curved living room lamps, and is a cross between the geometry of our Dovell lamps and the warmth and curves of our wood-turned Bommel lamps.

For his collection of circadian wall lamps, he's been working with circadian scientists and experts proficient in new technologies to create lamps that are beneficial to our mental health. After further research, we will be offering these lamps, plus a table-lamp version, sometime in the near future.

Neudorf comes from a long line of creators and makers, and considers himself a modern, queer Mennonite, one generation away from the Mennonite colony, where his father grew up. His background in experimental video art, modern dance, and an interest in sustainability and minimal design also influence his aesthetic.

After working in the film industry for over a decade as an experimental/documentary filmmaker and video editor, Neudorf realized he needed a change and wanted to work more with his hands in the studio. With a design obsession and the desire to connect with his Mennonite background, Atelier Stōbben was launched in the fall of 2017.



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