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Jaipur, India

"Art for me is pure form of emotion. I personally believe, whatever you feel, the mood and atmosphere, the inner mind starts developing that strongly into a painting. If you can feel the subject, it becomes easier to paint. I don't levy any rules and regulations on my artworks. It happens many a times when I just follow my instinct, impulse which arouses me to paint."
Deepika is an emotionally sensitive person and her paintings appear to be a direct reflection of her personality. The images that emerge from her paintings seem to have tremendous depth in their characters in spite of apparently mundane situations.

Over the years, she has been able to find her home in this medium, reaching ever greater levels of intimacy and expression.
The vibrancy of charcoal fascinates her and it's like her magic wand.. her silent voice, helps her to perfectly express her feelings and emotions on paper.

Deepika’s expression of every subject on canvas, leads the viewer to re-examine the threshold between illusion and reality, between waking and dreaming.
As a child deepika’s first love being art, her notebooks at school were invariably filled with sketches and paintings. The scintillating, pristine, rustic beauty of rural Rajasthan inspired her to take to the brush at a very tender age.
Wescover creator since 2019

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