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Art of Adrienne

East Lansing, MI

"Vivid murals on doors and buildings & neon pop art watercolor paintings!"
Adrienne Gelardi started life as a doodler and appreciator of bright colors, fuzzy animals, and cartoons. She grew up being influenced by her Michigan surroundings and spent time visiting art fairs and seeing shows in vibrant Southeastern Michigan cities like Plymouth, Ann Arbor and Detroit.

In addition to art, Adrienne developed quite an appreciation for stand up comedy and horror movies in her formative years. Being very inspired by comedy, animation, and art it was a natural fit for her to pursue Traditional Animation at Columbia College Chicago.

As it turns out, Traditional Animation is not the most lucrative career decision. Who knew? Adrienne had a few animation gigs after graduating, but ultimately felt like she was a more skilled illustrator and designer. Armed with her Bachelor of Arts she set off to pay back those student loans.

Determined to be able to support herself doing something creative, she started doing Graphic Design professionally. She has designed everything from car wraps and decals for small businesses to cups and food service products for SOLO® Cup Company. She left her career as a Production Artist and Print Pre-Press specialist in 2018 to become a full time painter!

It was at Adrienne’s previous job as a Production Artist where a co-worker let her borrow his Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolor paints. In the past Adrienne had a distaste for watercolors as she generally gravitated towards bright obnoxious colors in her illustrations and animation (and hair and make-up). She was so inspired by the vivid liquid watercolors that she picked up painting as a new focus in her life almost immediately.

Adrienne has set her sights high above corporate servitude, which is why she said goodbye to her safety net at a large worldwide known company to pursue her dreams. She believes life should be lived passionately, and to her that means pursuing a career as a full time painter and illustrator of her own works (and well, it also means snuggling a lot of cats and drinking a lot of Michigan Craft Beer with friends and family).

In 2019 Adrienne Gelardi and co-owner Amanda Leksche opened Greater Lansing’s best new mobile locally owned paint and sip; Paint Your Poison. They are focused on bringing exciting creative events to Mid-Michigan where they teach classes with glitter, UV paint, metallic paint, black/white canvas, glass, totes, hardboard, pallets and more! Finally Lansing has a locally owned paint and pour that isn’t a chain! YOU DESERVE IT LANSING!

Adrienne is truly inspired by a broad range of artists and styles. She has personally been creating original works featuring subject matter ranging from foodie pop art and cute animals to darker art including provocative themes and evil creatures. She describes her art as a ridiculous mixture of Lisa Frank and H.R. Giger.

Always an appreciator of adorable animals, Adrienne has also done many commissioned pet portraits. She currently resides in East Lansing, Michigan with her boyfriend, his son, and her four fur children.
Wescover creator since 2019

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