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Alex MacLeitch - Public Sculptures and Public Art
Alex MacLeitch
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Alex MacLeitch

San Francisco, CA

"I create art using various metal manipulation art fabrication techniques. My interest in metal sculpture developed while attending college in Northern California. I was quickly drawn to the industrial processes involved and decided to have two fields of study: biology and art.

It is a particularly exciting time to be involved in the arts and creative processes as many new technologies have become accessible and available. One now has the ability to develop ideas, techniques and work with new materials, tools and technologies.

I probably have more tools and machines than I need. However, I work on a wide variety of projects, from small-scale production to unique public sculpture. It all interests me.

A common theme of my work is that I bring objects to life using various tools and tricks. Most of my work is playful and whimsical in nature, I use plain materials and animate it. I find it particularly fun to apply this idea using both urban and natural themes.”

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