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Adele Gilani

Sausalito, CA

"Making the world a better place one masterpiece at a time."
I'm an artist, designer, and gallery owner at Adele Gilani Art Gallery in Sausalito, CA.

I finished art school at the University of Kentucky with a degree in fine art printing and painting in 2006. Since then I've traveled the world, started a family, and of course made lots of art along the way!

I paint in a few different styles:

Metallic, vibrant, sparkly abstract works in acrylic- often containing words and iconic imagery. These pieces are about my personal spiritual pathway whether I'm taken down a path with music, something I've read, or a trend/movement happening in the world around me.

Lush environments painted in oil. These paintings are about celebrating nature. I usually paint from photos I've taken while on vacation or around my neighborhood in the Oakland Hills. The underlying message of these works is about coming to nature as yourself and becoming a steward of your environment.

Illustration. I enjoy illustrating in acrylic and digitally. Illustration is the best way for me to tell a story.

A few of my favorite artists are Marina Abramovic, Hebru BrantleySummer Wheat, Joan Miro, Kehinde Wiley, KOAK, and Joan Mitchell and Damien Hirst. I also love graphic design, interior design, gardening, and travel.
Wescover creator since 2020

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