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ABDA Collective

Los Angeles, CA

"Color, shape and texture therapy creating eclectic visual pleasure."
Alexis Branger and Devin Andersen are Los Angeles based artists who share the collaborative practice, ABDA Collective. Their abstract work focuses on layers of texture, color, and industrial material studies which inform their primary subject matter. The collectives practice emphasizes the techniques used in their commercial fabrication projects for the film and production industry of Los Angeles. Alexandra (Alexis) Branger is a first generation Los Angeles native, with roots in Barranquilla, Colombia and Caracas, Venezuela whilst Devin Andersen is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The artists received their BFA’s from Otis College of Art & Design for Fine Arts (Andersen) and Industrial Design (Branger). Branger subsequently began working in the Motion Picture and Television Industry as a Painter and Set Designer. Using her tradeskills to work with interior design, she is now curving her focus towards fine arts through solo and collaborative works. Out of college, Devin was Co-Owner and Curator of the artist run gallery in the West Adams area of Los Angeles, “The Barber Shop Art Space,” from 2013-2015. In recent years, Devin Andersen has been working as a Construction Coordinator, Fabricator and Installer for Fine Artists, Photography and Film Production as well as continuing his fine art work. Branger and Andersen often work together in the production industry as well as their personal art practice. The two have a fascination with process and playing with different materials as the initial driving force in their work. Andersen’s work tends to use found material and painterly abstract application, while Branger’s work is clean and design based. This process correlates with their schooling and the production work that they do. They are currently based in Los Angeles, CA.
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