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Zach Wolkstein

Zach Wolkstein

Santa Monica, CA

"🌴 🌴"
Self-taught LA-based artist specializing in photography, acrylic and abstract paintings, digital design, and more. Creating and capturing still moments throughout the dynamic and diverse city of Los Angeles, CA, is what I am passionate about. My work is influenced by color, nature, and architecture. Seeing the world through a unique lens allows me to create artwork that corresponds with my perspective of the world.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"My creative process relies mostly on inspiration and daydreaming! Everyone needs a fine mix of both their life! Using inspiration and putting it to work is how we emotionally and spiritually grow as humans. Testing yourself with an idea and pulling it off successfully is an outstanding feeling. I implore you to dream of something you wish to achieve and simply go for it. There is no better feeling of saying, “Wow, I really did that sh*t." Trust me, you won’t stop there."
Zach WolksteinZach Wolkstein

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