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Yasaman Mehrsa

Toronto, Canada

"Visual Artist"
Yasaman Mehrsa is a Visual Artist and Graphic Designer living and working in Toronto.
Born and raised in Tehran/Iran, Yasaman’s love of art began as a small child and developed an early passion for art in middle school. Her unique art works are shaped by her studies at Brock University/Canada (BA-Honours in Visual Arts – 2013), Maziar Higher Education Institute/Iran (BA in Visual Communication – 2009), and University of Applied Science and Technology/Iran (Associate’s degree in Graphic Design – 2007).

She puts intelligent ideas at the very heart of everything she does – striving to create outstanding work that is distinctive, engaging and above all, memorable.

Today, surrounded by personal painting and design projects, she contributes to advertising agencies, publishing companies, and freelance projects.
She conveys a story or invokes a certain emotion in each of her works because she believes that art is one of the purest forms of communication.
Wescover creator since 2019

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