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Delhi, India

Yantr, a unique and peerless Indian Street Artist with a novel vision to blend creative, ingenious and hardcore imaginations, thoughts, concepts, impressions and pressing subjects with an original art form, in his own signature style – believes in unboxing art to the walls of India.

As a street artist, Yantr sees the world and free space around him as an open art gallery, where everything is a canvas to elaborate his pieces.

Yantr – a Sanskrit word — means ‘Machine’. The artist’s work revolves around the complexity of machines, organic forms and wildlife, mixed together in his signature eclectic style and themes. Most of his masterpieces contain unique and large detailed mechanical elements. His vision is to make socio-political issues accessible to the general public through the medium of street art.

A unique style created through his own imaginations, Yantr’s art bears an expression and influence of his childhood experiences at his father’s garage and work in the field of art.

Like most pioneering artists, and the output of any good artist, Yantr’s work has seen steady evolution. He makes strong statements and strikes a balance between tagging and street art, speaking volumes through intrinsic style.

Making his mark on the walls to bring forth art forms from art gallery and open up the canvas to public walls is not any niche artist’s genre. Meet Delhi-based Street Artist Yantr.

Going down the early life of Yantr, not much is known. His origin can be traced down to Assam, where he was born and raised. Here, his father owned an auto garage, which had a strong bearing on Yantr’s art style. His ‘bio-mechanical’ style is inspired by his childhood fascination with automobiles and machine parts.

Yantr – alumni of Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayaji Rao University of Baroda – before starting the street art movement, has dabbled in advertising world for nearly 10 years as as art director, where he worked on Global as well as Indian brands.

Introduced to street art in 2006, Yantr has been in the field of street art since 2008. He has travelled across India to paint murals at various locations in Banaras, Delhi, Assam, Kerala, Pune, Rajasthan, Haryana, Mumbai and Shillong. In his tryst with art, Yantr was a street artist who clandestinely painted to remain anonymous. Later, as his art form evolved and style got more and more detailed, he started to portray his paintings on walls across cities in India and created huge public artworks.

His stint with contemporary mural art began from Delhi and spread its sway all over India and continuing. Yantr – a travel enthusiast – has biked extensively through India. He has taken this opportunity to spread socio-political awareness among masses through his art form to touch upon issues he is deeply passionate about.
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