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Works of Stark Murals and Design

Orlando, FL

"Versatile and very experienced Muralist and Street Artist"
Artist, Joseph Starkweather (me) was brought into the world as the son of an Architect and Fine Artist, both parents are alumni of the university of Wisconsin -Madison. From the age of 2 until this very second, art and design has been my life and my love. I am blessed to work full time as a Muralist but it’s far more than a job, it’s my existence. I take great pride in every square inch of any wall I paint. I have a genuine and authentic background in street art, while painting tunnels, abandoned structures and rusted out train cars, mostly in the 90’s, was a great teacher of a medium that is now the world standard in mural art (Custom artist grade spray cans). My work as a muralist has brought my love for the medium along with the use of sign and pin stripe brushes and other various tools to the next level. What I learned from the Street Art culture is something no YouTube video could ever teach. Being at the forefront of a movement that is now the most in demand form of art in the world is something I take serious and I make sure each client knows they will be getting a very authentic piece when they hire me for a job...whether it be a spray paint dominant project, a hand painted sign, or a more traditional brush painted mural. I believe that an honest, kind persona and solid character are very important but besides that, image, persona, and gimmicks have no place in professional design- THE WORK must speak for itself! Thanks for your time and stopping by my page.
Wescover creator since 2019

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