William Engel - Murals and Art
William Engel
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William Engel

New York, NY

Artist William Engel paints in a studio in the Chelsea District of New York.

In December 2016, Skoto Gallery in the Chelsea Art District of NYC was pleased to show his work along with glass sculptor Jeremy Silva.

In 2013, he was commissioned to complete five 5'x7' paintings for the hallways and two paintings for the guest suites of the new William Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel opened in spring 2014.

New York interior designers and architects, such as In Situ Design, Lilian B. Interiors, Richard Keith Langham, Charles Pavarini III, Robert Kaner Design, and Ageloff Associates have commissioned paintings for their clients’ residences in New York City, the Hamptons and across the country. His work is also in the estate of Whitney Houston.

His paintings have been installed in commercial and hospitality locations, including the corporate lobby of Time Warner on Columbus Circle in New York City, Shering-Plough headquarters in New Jersey, the New York School of Interior Design, and The William Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

His process for creating the landscapes involves pouring paint onto the canvas and manipulating the canvas back and forth to guide its placement. When the paint is dry—up to two weeks later—he continues, repeating pouring and drying for as many as 10 layers.