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New York, NY

Based in New York, our office specializes in unique solutions and high-end design

Volarch provides a holistic service, starting from concept design and client's vision, all the way through final construction, working with the most qualified professionals and most advanced systems and technologies in the industry required for each custom-made solution.

With over 24 years of experience, Volarch’s founder, Gabriel Piedrahita, has developed an extensive international design portfolio. He has designed a wide variety of projects while working with some of the leading design firms in the world. His experience includes high-end residences, restaurants, and bars around the world and working on some of the biggest and more complex transportation projects in the nation such as East Side Access, Grand Central Station, American Airlines, Terminal 7, JFK, Oculus, Path Station, and Second Avenue Subway. Selected projects include:
First Nobu restaurant in Russia
8750 sf townhouse in New York's historic Greenwich Village
First off-grid spa Kiosk in a US airport
Largest Duty-Free Stores in a New York airport
Wescover creator since 2019

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