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Victoria Wagner


"Within my work, I am intuitively searching for forms, color and combinations that heighten visual awareness, encourage transcendance and create harmony in discordant material pairings."
Victoria Wagner, who migrated at eighteen from the Nevada desert to Northern California, contrasts nature and industry in her gem-like sculptures, which are hand-planed from fallen coastal trees and painted with oils. Wagner also addresses this dichotomy in her installations and paintings, which explore transitions of abstracted sound and light from her surroundings. Wagner's work is physically in tune with her local landscape — she harvests the wood rocks in and around her home of Occidental, CA. Her paintings are inspired by the sun, sound, and vibrational pull of the forest while also commenting on the loss of personal reflection and direct experience in the mechanical age as natural resources are diminished by collective inaction. Wagner creates a psychedelic experience that reflects the landscape of Northern California, but also announces its darker and less romantic side.

-Heather Marx
curator, advisor
Wescover creator since 2019

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