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Luanda, Angola

"Muralism and all type of visual arte. We just try that you can see"
Verkron is a collective that calls itself a moviment,in witch the members report intensely and deeply in an attempt to create a laboratory of human relations and creative experimentation. In this attempt they eventually created a universe of their own that extends from their way of looking at the world as the creation of their symbols.

Verkron experiences different forms of artistic expression in an attempt to comunicate they cry of his own generation. An attempt that began with conventional graffiti but now begins to settle in the new universe of neo-muralism,photography,video and installation. A range of tools that is a concequence of the individuality of 5 artists with different techniques and backgrounds and artistic world. this is always in an attempt to create the common with what they call fragments (individualities).

Verkron is above all an experience. Consisting of artists: Irad,Resem,Mac,Jafeth,Hemak. Who started their urban interventions in the yar of 2011,but it is only in 2014 after a studio expriencethat they are just beginning to apear in Luanda`s art scene.
Wescover creator since 2020

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