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Veena Chandran Ceramics / Studio Farishtey

Pune, India

"We focus on making small batch handmade functional ware, which lets us work towards creating high quality work that is beautiful and comfortable to use. We keep our forms contemporary but do enjoy adding some quirk to our creations time to time."
Welcome to our portfolio!

Farishtey studio is a boutique ceramic studio based in Pune, India.
Most of our work is made in stoneware clay. We are also constantly experimenting with other types of clay.

We create our pieces using hand building techniques and on our two loyal potter’s wheels.
Our pieces get fired to around 1250C in our trusty gas kiln (who is loved dearly).
As our work is crafted by hand there is a lot of love and care put into each piece.

Farishtey studio is run and owned by Veena Chandran. Veena started off as an architect and then found her way to clay. Bringing with her the design sensibilities and an aesthetic sense she developed during her architectural work. When time permits, Veena gets down to making large sculptural pieces for shows and private collections.

All the work that is created in the studio is either made by Veena or has been touched and moulded by her at some stage of its creation.

The other constant presence in the studio besides Veena is Buttons. Buttons, a loving pug, is the official mascot and the guardian of all things here at Farishtey studio.

At the heart of our studio is functional ware that stays true to our aesthetics and is user friendly. Every now and then we do take on bespoke commissions.

So do get in touch with us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.
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