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Melbourne, Australia

Despite drawing for all his life, Cal had always dreamed of becoming a rock star. as a young kid growing up in the suburbs liverpool he would blissfully jam out on his antiquated Gibson SG from sun up till sun down. this was a common occurrence until the day he discovered that his stage performance anxiety wasn't exactly the most desirable trait of a budding rock star. It was from then on he decided to assign more of his attention towards his secondary creative outlet.
Cal always knew he was an artist but what kind he wanted to become remained mysterious for a long time. Straight after high school he went on to studying Art and Design at The City of Liverpool College where he was making life drawings of John Lennon's ex life model and painting murals for local businesses in his spare time. From there he was accepted into Liverpool John Moores University where he graduated with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design and Illustration. Now he has matured into a professional it is his mission to spread his work globally and continue to live out his rock and roll dream, all the while putting smiles on people's faces by using the gift he has been blessed with.

Cal's career as a muralist all started in back in 2012 when he gained his first paying customer via word of mouth. As a shaggy unkempt seventeen year old and a keen artist at the time, he was always quietly scribbling away whilst working as a delivery driver for a local restaurant. Eventually his drawings caught the attention of his boss who boasted of Cal's talent to a friend. that friend happened to be opening a new restaurant in the area, which lead to Cal's first mural commission. Despite having no experience in this or really knowing much about mural art he went ahead with the work and has never looked back since. It was this job that sparked his appetite for walls and was when he decided this is what he wanted to specialise in.

From then on he continued to let rip onto walls in the streets and was eventually invited to create many more artworks for various people around Europe, America and now Asia where Cal is now currently travelling and leaving pieces of his work dotted everywhere he goes....
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