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Topher Delaney - Sculptures and Art
Topher Delaney
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Topher Delaney

San Francisco, CA

Topher Delaney received her B.A. in Landscape Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley after studying cultural anthropology and philosophy at Barnard College. Ms. Delaney’s thirty-five year career as an environmental artist and builder has encompassed a wide breadth of projects which focus on the development of cultural narratives scribed into exterior land forms, reflecting the values of the personal (residential) and the communal (institutional). The sites range in scale from the intimate to the expansive, corporate rooftop gardens, sanctuary gardens for medical facilities, and public art installations. The work of Ms. Delaney’s studio has been exhibited internationally. Currently, SEAM Studio’s installations are on view at Gunnebo House and Gardens, Gothenburg, Sweden: Shipping News – Distribution of Ideas, Gunnebo to Go, and the Orangery – A house built of glass bottles. Current works in progress focus on coded information within the narrative of the landscape: a public art installation based in San Francisco for the Club Quarters Hotel, investigations of the vocabulary of agriculture at Cade Winery, and the Chappell Farm in Davis California, and the Narducci Farm in Napa, California; a permanent installation of fire and mirrors contained by stainless steel walls, and a series of residential installations using innovative materials such as fire, colored mirrors, dichroic glass, and recycled plastics. These projects, various symbols and forms – braille, informational markers, Morse code, and sculptural icons – are translated into the physical text of the installation to be revealed only through personal knowledge and experience.