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Tony Tasset - Sculptures and Public Sculptures
Tony Tasset
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Tony Tasset

Chicago, IL

“Tony Tasset is an American multimedia artist, best known for his large-scale public sculptures that invoke viewers to engage and experience artist’s intentional connections between the given subject and themselves.
Tasset was born in Cincinnati in 1960, where he received his BFA at the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1983 and his MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1985.
Tony Tasset works with video, photography, bronze, wax, fiberglass, film and even taxidermy. His work, employing wisdom and wit, continuously contends with the trappings of modernism, postmodern theory, pop culture and the universal human emotions associated with love, loss, frailty and beauty.

Example of his work is his participation in the 2014 Whitney Biennial entitled The Artists Monument. These multicolored acrylic panels are etched with the names of 392,486 modern and contemporary artists, ranging from Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol to emerging artists with a single exhibition to their credit. By building this pointedly horizontal monument in public space, with the artists’ names listed alphabetically and the colors arranged randomly, Tasset symbolically flattens the hierarchies that exist between lauded and unknown artists and instead celebrates the entire community.
Another well-known sculpture by Tasset is his work titled Eye. Through this gigantic, blue eyeball the artist creates tension as the sculpture stares, larger than life, across the landscape and back at the viewer. Modeled after Tasset’s own eye, the never-blinking, constantly conscious piece watches over day and night, giving an idea of commonality and perceiving among people.
Subject of matter that often appears in his work is a critique and commentary on mass marketing, mass consumption and mass production. His piece named Hot Dog Man is a painted fiberglass sculpture inspired by Americana and surrealism. This satirical work links mystery meat with predatory capitalism as well as gluttony.

He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois and is represented by Kavi Gupta of Chicago and Berlin.”