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Tom Sachs - Benches & Ottomans and Furniture
Tom Sachs
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Tom Sachs

New York, NY

Artist Tom Sachs is known for exploring consumerism and pop culture through his whimsical exhibits. His pop art stunts--including collaborating on two sneakers with Nike designed for NASA engineers (made out of material repurposed from Mars Excursion Rover airbags and Apollo Spacesuit Overshoes) as well as designing macabre guillotines and hand grenades emblazoned with the logos of Chanel and Hermès (among others, Sachs' work has famously utilized the branding and imagery of Tiffany, McDonald's, and Prada)--have made him a major figure in contemporary art. Sachs is notable for creating all of his works by hand, using a bricolage technique to create everything from life-sized lunar modules to working handguns. Sachs' studio has been based in New York City since the 1990s.

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Benches & Ottomans