TOM JEAN WEBB - Paintings and Murals
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Austin, TX

I’m an artist originally born in a town just outside of London. My family had routes in East London, owning and operating scrap yards, eventually moving out to the countryside. I am now based in Austin, Texas, spending much of my time traveling and being influenced by the American Southwest. I’m interested in the role creativity and art have in society but also in an individual sense. What it can mean emotionally and spiritually to make or express one’s self through a medium. Where the lines lie between art and maker, where life or creativity starts and which is leading which. How art can be a form of communication but also allow room for discovery, that it can be an opportunity to allow someone to feel. The fact a sound or line can instigate and emotion. How as the artist I can feel something, put that into an artwork and a viewer can then feel that emotion is so fascinating. My work is inspired by the American landscape. This came from my grandad’s influence, from a young age his house fascinated me. It was decorated with all sorts of Americana, artifacts and memorabilia. The simple fact that he found such joy in a culture that existed outside of his own, and the way that he adopted this through his fashion or ideas, is something that has had a big effect on me.

I love the idea of a visual language and how this can portray a narrative. I see my individual works as frames of one long continual film. When these frames are laid out together then patterns emerge. Objects, colors and shapes all start to inform each other. I’m trying to have a conversation with the viewer, I’m fascinated by the idea that I can have a feeling or emotion, happy it to my work and then have that feeling or emotion transported into the viewer. The way a sound can travel from instrument into the body of the listener. I developed it through study and play. on one hand understanding art history and the way art had been used to represent different cultures, movements and ideologies. But also trying to be in tune with the feelings I felt during the creative process as well as attempting to understand my work upon reflection. What did past works mean in context to my physical and emotional state.

If I break my work down in this way, then all of it, to some degree, is iconography in some way. It’s all an expression and communication of something. My pieces allude to a fictional time, ceremony, culture, place of escapism, feeling or folklore that are expressed within the materials of my objects. My representations of this place or idea do not fit into a given time period or specific social or political matter, but rather become something more timeless and multi-referential. The adopted repetition that exists within the work is done to instigate a relationship between the works as a whole, referencing the idea of mass communication and continued narrative, to begin to develop the understanding of elements contained within the singular pieces and solemnity to these symbols.

Color has always been important to me and my work. How it can be indicative of a place, time and feeling. Not only for the artwork but also for me, how I’m feeling and reflection that has in the colors I use. It’s always fun to look over work I’ve made and make correlations between emotions, stories and the colors used.

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