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The Bombay Lettering Co.

The Bombay Lettering Co.

Mumbai, India

Hi, I'm Sanjana!

I’m a Calligrapher and Lettering artist based in Mumbai, India. I specialise in traditional and modern handwritten calligraphy and lettering for social occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and for business applications like logos, products, large scale script murals, gifting and personal commissions.

In today's digital world that we live in, calligraphy adds warmth and a personal touch that is irreplaceable. There’s a sense of perfection among the imperfections that attracts me to this wonderful art form so much more!

What started out as a weekend release, ended with me finding a full time job in lettering. The Bombay Lettering Company was officially launched in October 2017 - a boutique calligraphy and lettering based design studio providing a range of products, services and workshops.

I strive to bring back the love, joy, and appreciation of handmade and hand rendered scripts, one letter at a time! So, give me your words and let me bring them to life!

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