Tannia Taranto

Melbourne, Australia

"Capturing natural elements from our land and sea"
Tannia Taranto is a self-taught figurative and abstract artist working and living in Melbourne, Australia.

Tannia started her art career as a figurative artist inspired by the world of fashion, nude and underwater photography, predominantly using acrylics. In addition to her figurative work Tannia's diverse creativity and ability to experiment with many mediums like resin, ink and plaster has lead her on an abstract journey.

Her latest abstract series EVOLUTION is a turning point in her art career. A series of work that focuses on texture, interaction, depth and lighting using mixed media plaster. Tannia finds inspiration in natural elements from land and sea to create to create minimalistic and organic statement pieces of art.

Tannia’s abstract work can be seen on her own brand of homewares and commercial products like Beraldo Coffee. She has recently collaborated with Luxe Walls to create a selection of abstract art printed on wallpaper and CATA (Creative Art Therapy Australia) a foundation that empower and impact the lives of people braving trauma.

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