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Tannia Taranto

Melbourne, Australia

"Capturing natural elements from our land and sea"
Tannia Taranto is a self-taught figurative and abstract artist working and living in Melbourne, Australia.
Initially producing a series of portrait and figurative pieces, with the utilisation of monochromatic colour palettes and evocative female forms, these works explore complex human diversities and emotional constructs. At the same time, she began experimenting with an array of alternative mediums, that eventually included resin, ink and plaster.
Manifesting from biological patterns and natural asymmetrical lineation, Tannia Taranto’s EVOLUTION series is an abstract reaction to the organic environment in the form of heavily texturized abstract relief. From the spinal structure of sea urchins to the cavities created by geode rocks, to the timing of tree ring configurations and root systems, these sculpted relief works unify segments of the land and sea. After a process of experimentation, Tannia was led to the utilisation of plaster as the series’ medium, as both a homage to her father’s trade profession and reflection of her attraction to architectural and interior design.
Specialising in several mediums and disciplines, Tannia Taranto has sold her works across Australia and around the world, participated in a diverse selection of group exhibitions across metropolitan Melbourne and creative collaborations with CATA (Creative Art Therapy Australia) a foundation that empower and impact the lives of people braving trauma and mental health. She is an active member of Melbourne & Victorian Artists Inc. and her works are also available through selected retailers.
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