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Susi Rood Art

Knysna, South Africa

"Art shouldn’t just be pretty, it should overwhelm and bruise, even confuse!"
Having studied Fine Arts for 4 years Susi paints portraits, landscapes and figurative works in a more traditional approach, however, also likes to manifest self expression and personal freedom by drawing from deeply felt emotions and memories within her psyche. The random marks, procedures, mediums and brush strokes used allow her to stumble onto new experimentation and uncover the journey of creating art without constraints.

Susi’s best known paintings and portraits are when she captures the very nature of Africa, African Tribes, the dust, the wind, the wide open spaces, birdlife and the unusual adornments of the East African tribal people.
Susi also paints large contemporary pieces which convey some thing she has seen, felt or remembered, not just what she “sees”. Even though bright colours are used, her palette is in general subdued and earthbound. Birds feature often as a subject matter, rendered in refinement and accuracy and also in childlike absurdity, thus allowing her the total freedom she seeks in the act of art making.

These works need to be seen outside Africa, they show a dignity and exoticism which is on the verge of being lost to the rapid influence of foreign cultures.
Wescover creator since 2020

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