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Stefano Ferrara Pizza Oven - Tableware
Stefano Ferrara Pizza Oven
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Stefano Ferrara Pizza Oven

Quarto, Italy

Stefano Ferrara began his business in 2001 in Naples. His experience in building handmade brick ovens, handed on for many generations, has been the foundation for the quality and success of the Stafano Ferrara brick oven.

Three generations of craftsman set to work, when Stefano Ferrara was just a boy, with his father, Mastu Natale, a popular and highly regarded Neapolitan artisan.

Today thanks to the passion, care and attention to detail, Stefano Ferrara handmade brick ovens guarantee the best performance in cooking and heat retention. They are unique pieces of Neapolitan handicraft, highly appreciated and demanded on all over the world.