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Sophi Odling

Sydney, Australia

"Street artist painting large-scale murals. Vivid dreamscapes reflecting people, youth, environment and culture"
Sophi Odling is an Australian street artist who paints large-scale murals around the globe. Her colourful and vivid dreamscape works reflect the environment and cultures she encounters. Travelling the world, seeing the people, streets and way of life; these are her spectacle.

Born in 1983 in Seoul, South Korea, Sophi grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she currently lives and works. In 2005 Sophi completed her BFA at UNSW College of Fine Arts. In 2016 Sophi started painting murals after a 14 year career in fashion. Her murals can be seen across America, South East Asia, Central America and Australia, and has exhibited in Tokyo and Australia over the years.

Sophi continues to plan her ongoing travels as the main source of inspiration. Her work aims to encourage borderless thinking within our current global climate, celebrate the acceptance of cultural diversity and focus on the beautiful innocence of youth.
Wescover creator since 2019

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