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SODA inc. - Tables and Furniture
SODA inc.
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SODA inc.

Los Angeles, CA

SODA inc. is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary design firm based in downtown Los Angeles. Their customized solutions go beyond design; they produce strategic and effective solutions by taking a full-service, integrative approach to each project. Their commitment to providing a diversity of services is supported by the expertise of highly educated and experienced individuals from different fields. They aim to develop relationships with partners who will contribute to this community and heighten the level of their expertise.

SODA inc. believe that every user experiences design, either spatially or graphically, as a sequential yet holistic composition that tells a story. The story in any design must meet its functional and contextual requirements and create an interaction with its user that is intuitive, provokes emotion, and presents meaning. The stories they create are developed through critical analysis and collaboration using technology to achieve results that are cost-effective, profitable, and socially relevant.