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Smith Hanes Studio

Atlanta, GA

Offering Interior Design, Architecture and Branding Consultation
Smith Hanes Studio creates impassioned restaurant, hospitality and lifestyle projects. We fashion spaces where people live and entertain themselves. Our designs make a difference in the way people experience their lives. We have designed restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, homes, art galleries…..Smith even contributed to a town design (Serenbe). Our clients are the best in their field..entrepreneurs, chefs, business people who understand the importance of experience. They are the kind of people who know that what the environment they create looks and feels like will make a difference.

Every project is original and genuine. While some place a “skin of decoration” on a project, we study the client’s needs, goals and listen to their dreams. We encourage them to make inspiration boards, make some of our own, then with all that ammo, we stab at a design INFORMED by all this. If the space, the people, the experience all vibe together in the end, we know we’ve done our homework.

Smith is known for, over the past years, helping to reposition the world of casual fine food in Atlanta. His most recent projects, The Optimist, Watershed on Peachtree and No.246 in Decatur have a loyal following. Recently he re-envisioned a warehouse for the new Gallery for iconic Art dealer, Fay Gold. With a scrupulous eye for detail, his interior design planning is known for elegantly proportioned rooms, with an ineffable quality to them…dramatic spaces, yet with an intangible sense of comfort and ease.
Wescover creator since 2019

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