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Bergen, Norway

"Always exploring new techniques!"
SKURK has been a fixture within the Bergen(NOR) street art scene since 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the artist got his international break with the mural Angler Fish at Rådalslien School. The piece, which incorporates both the connected staircase and wall lamps in its clever design, went viral after being picked up by the online street art community.

In the years since, SKURK has experimented with a variety of visual expressions while in the search of his own niche. In the artist’s own words, “Having your art recognized is a fantastic motivational boost, but what really drives me is constant self-development. Trying out new techniques and looking for unique ways of expressing myself.”

In 2017, SKURK donated the mural Piece of Mind and a cut from the accompanying print release to the charity, Psych Aid, which offered psychosocial aid to children suffering from war trauma. This piece, much like the Angler Fish before it, signaled a clear change of direction for SKURK in terms of both visual style and thematic, and has acted as stepping stone towards his current project The Observer.
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