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Sergio Free

SP, Brazil

Sérgio Free is from the south of Bahia, Sérgio lived on the banks of the Rio de Contas until he was 5 years old, in a simple and humble environment. He arrived in São Paulo in 1986 and knew a world of values ​​different from those printed in his personality. This conflict permeating the formation of his personality made him see the beauty in chaos, in things that often did not make sense to other people. Due to his experiences in the hinterland, Sérgio had to fit certain standards to be accepted by society.

As a child, in the Tucuruvi neighborhood, in the North Zone of São Paulo, where he was raised, he began to perceive and value urban art, through the graffiti he saw on the walls while making small paths through the neighborhood. Without knowing the concept of art and inspired by graffiti, he started to scratch walls around the neighborhood with a marker pen. At that time, he didn't see graffiti around the city, just graffiti and some graffiti (outlined graffiti). At the age of 8, he helped a grapixo of some neighborhood graffiti artists, his first opportunity to learn. Painting the walls white for the graffiti artists to make their graphics, he only realized that what he liked and admired was not well seen by everyone when the police took all the boys. From that day on, he imagined himself in the world at dawn, scratching walls and getting to know the city, like the stories he heard from the gangs of graffiti artists, who gathered near his house.

This beginning made him a graffiti lover, a collector of pixo leaves. He knew who the gangs were by the style of letters and the influences of some gangs on others, in the different regions of the city.

In this observational study of buildings and graffiti walls, he learned to value the architecture of São Paulo, always wondering where graffiti would fit. He knew the walls, he knew the pixos that were erased and those that were erased over time.

In 1996, he joined the APACHES gang and continued to represent his influences until the end of the 90s. Using the experience and experience in the field that he had as a graffiti artist, Sérgio decided to get away and explore other environments and communities, because the results in the pixo scene were not being the best. As if it were an equalization of positive and negative.

Graduated in Biology, with a specialization in Ecology of community dynamics, he worked on the practical part of scientific experiments in tropical forests, but always with that longing, that repressed will, and without being able to touch the subject of the pixo with the "common people". He correlated his observational study on the Pixo with the ecological theories of community dynamics, such as ecological niche, competition, competition for space and so on.

From 2005, he started to work with art, creating logos and negotiating art for prints in a brand he created with a group of skateboarding friends, with skateboarding being his main “sport” throughout this trajectory.

The desire to scratch his pixo was already nostalgic, so he started making grapixo and started studying painting, filling, contour, and cutting techniques. Even in grapixo there was some discrimination by society, so he created a character to try to express more clearly the same feeling as when he crossed out his sign, placing the character in everyday and fantasy situations. At this rate, he advanced in painting techniques.

Today, Sergio Free paints with spray, acrylic paint, and markers. It records your memories, experiences and questions the current world with a scientific view. It freezes experiences, reproducing the city scene in realistic scenarios, where your character sometimes represents himself, sometimes represents society.
Wescover creator since 2020

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