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Sema Lao

Limoges-Cité, France

Self-taught painter born in 1987 of Sino-German origin and living in Limoges (87), Sêma Lao began painting very young. Over the years his path has been punctuated by beautiful discoveries and encounters that have allowed him to express himself fully and develop his style. She experimented with various techniques (oil, acrylic, dry pastels and greasy) before moving to the spray can in 2011 with the meeting of her companion and graffiti artist DershOne (aka Goals). Since then, the walls have become a privileged playground and she multiplies the projects and meetings, in France and abroad, between canvases and walls, that she carries out most often with her partner.His works usually represent portraits, faces (children especially) with sincere and spontaneous expressions that the artist tries to retransmit through a palette of saturated colors and controlled coulures.
First wall realised in Italy with Memorie Urbane on 2015 and come a second time for other wall and project on 2017
Wescover creator since 2020

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