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San Francisco, CA

I’m all about large scale, colorful or black and white/monochromatic abstract realism. Murals are ideal. I am happiest when I am on a ladder. I want to paint every wall I see, indoors and out. I’ve never met a meticulous, finely drawn line I didn’t like. I find clean bold lines soothing, but I also love a challenge.
If you want something messy and charmingly disheveled, I am here for you. I’ll be a realistic perfectionist and a tidy worker regardless.
I’m inspired by everything. I work in long sessions of laser precision hyper-focus and I am comfortable in most spaces. I really just love the idea of collaborating with other artists, people who have visions for their space. I want to hear about all the feelings and ideas and turn them into a beautiful reality.
Wescover creator since 2019

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