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Sara DiOrazio

New York, NY

A New York City based artist inspired by minimalism, surrealism, abstractions, fashion, street art, architecture, nature, and the beauty behind imperfections. Sara DiOrazio gives you a look into her perfectly imperfect world.

"It is through art and observing life that I feel most alive. An eye for aesthetics, ears for beats and lyrics, a mind for expansion, heart and soul for living life to the fullest." - Sara DiOrazio

Sara pulls inspiration from her personal and professional life having worked on various marketing and advertising projects across fashion and lifestyle brands. She describes her life in NYC as "Biggie meets Chanel" a combo of "Grit and Glamour”.

As a native of Rochester, NY, Sara graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Studio Arts & Advertising Design. In 2006, without looking back, Sara packed up everything she owned and moved to Brooklyn on a whim. In transit, she hit rewind in her memory and recalled experimenting with watercolors at the age of 6 on the kitchen floor, dreaming of a life in NYC, while the other kids played outside. Little did she realize, a fabulous journey was about to begin!

Being a dancer, midfielder in soccer, and competing in Division 1 Lacrosse, adjusting quickly to change was natural for Sara, but New York City was a whole new way of living. From underground fashion shows, to gritty open mic nights, after hours DJ sets behind hidden doors of the LES... to meeting her mentor, best friend, and daily inspiration Rachel Crespin, former Fashion Editor & Assistant to Diana Vreeland of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Working with talented and interesting people became a priority as she developed her own creative point of view.

In 2009, Sara's whole world came to a screeching halt. As if someone pulled the power cord in Times Square on NYE. After a 4 month battle with cancer, her mother passed away. This time, Sara did not adjust so quickly or pursue anything creative for over 6 years. Being introduced to the ebb and flow of depression, an unhealthy relationship, corporate burnout, and just not being herself... Sara had no choice but to find beauty in life again through her own actions. While sitting with her mother in hospice, she opened herself up to spirituality, yoga, meditation, and Reiki... redirected to authenticity again, SDiOart emerged.

Now with a renewed energy to share her work and the stories behind each piece, Sara DiOrazio brings her unique vision to life in New York City.
Wescover creator since 2019

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