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Sandra Renzi

Palma, Spain

"projects for every taste and every room in your home!"
Sandra Renzi is an art polyglot, a simultaneous translator of the idea, a cultured interpreter of space and matter. This talent makes her powerful in any work she decides to tackle: from the painstaking technique of old time scribes, to the deception of the eye that looks when it invents ultra-realities, enhancing the existence and opening up fantastic and elusive horizons. Never mere decoration, that would make no difference.
It is the mind's adventure to lead Sandra Renzi's hands, like those of any other respectful artist; it is the continuous gamble, the seducing challenge of confrontation with as many techniques as the infinite possibilities suggested by materials, each one with its own specificity and poetics.

Sandra is an artist who works only for the sake of an idea, and only if she believes in it

A. M.
Even at a very young age I showed a talent for drawing and painting.
Decorating a home, be it a whole wall or a small panel, is very important to me and goes beyond the merely economical or commercial. The most important thing for me is to bring pleasure to the people who have a piece of my work in their homes… their delight is my biggest reward!
Sandra Renzi
Wescover creator since 2019

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