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Samuel Hagai

New York, NY

Samuel was born in 1982 in Netanya, Israel. He began to paint at the age of 12, when he self-taught himself to paint using oil paint on canvas.

Since the discovery of his passion, Samuel has been involved in different kinds of industries and professions, however was never able to settle down in one field. After years of searching, and discovering, Sam had finally realized that his after work hobby, was not just a hobby.

Samuel started sharing his art with family, friends, neighbours, and eventually local communities in Israel. The artist received a lot of encouragement and support from people who observed his art, leading him to be noticed by art collectors, galleries, and followers, first in Israel and soon in many parts of the world.

Inevitably, Samuel's passion became his profession, and today he experiences no greater pleasure than spending time at the canvas with oil paint, or at the wall creating a mural art, and observing the final reaction of his customers and followers.

Samuel's paintings can be found in galleries and walls around the world. Some of these places inlcude; Los Angeles, San Francico, Paris, London, and numerous cities in Israel.
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