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Samantha Stein Interiors

Nashville, TN

"Samantha Stein Interiors is dedicated to classic & comfortable interiors for the modern family."
I get to do what I love every day for some of the coolest clients on the planet. Not many people can say the same. I am here to help you create a home that makes you smile, makes you proud, and most importantly - functions for your everyday life. I understand how personal interior design is and my goal is always to create spaces that are direct reflections of the families who live there.

After receiving my bachelor's degree in Interior Design from The University of Tennessee - Knoxville I came back to Nashville, my hometown. Here I mentored under several published interior designers. In 2018, after paying my dues at multiple commercial and residential firms, I opened Samantha Stein Interiors.

During a brief stint working in retail I came to realize there was a need in this market for a personable interior designer. Someone who has your best interest at heart. I am not afraid of incorporating your existing furniture with new. That is what gives a home character. My number one goal is to see you jumping with joy because your space is everything you could have asked for.

Here at Samantha Stein Interiors we create classic and comfortable interiors for the modern family, but that's not all, we also create lasting relationships.

Wescover creator since 2020

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