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Samantha Louise Designs - Paintings and Murals
Samantha Louise Designs
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Samantha Louise Designs

San Diego, CA

Samantha Louise Marett is a self-taught abstract artist splitting her time between Atlanta and San Diego. She is represented by 1805 Gallery in San Diego in addition to selling her work to collectors all over the country. Sam grew up with an early heavy arts education attending The Galloway School in Atlanta, GA from the time she was 3 until she graduated high school. Sam comes from a long line of musicians and artists in her family and was immersed in a very creative upbringing.

Samantha is known for her bold & unexpected color palettes and blending watercolor with acrylic paint with various textures on canvas. Her work is mostly created from palette knives and mark making with highly pigmented colors often using the actual tubes to paint. Her methods are unconventional and are a nod to that childlike wonder Sam is always searching for through her abstract process. Her process is rooted in self-love and vulnerability and she shares intimate life stories and lessons through each of her pieces.

Samantha had a breakdown and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2018 after years of struggling with trauma, depression and anxiety. She views her breakdown (which she lovingly has rebranded “The Big Wakeup”) and diagnosis as an enormous gift and spends a lot of her time advocating for mental health, self-love, and vulnerability. She has spoken about mental health and creativity at The Design Kids and has taught about creativity as a passion and a career path at The Galloway School. She also teaches group workshops where she combines her abstract process with mindset work, positivity, and vulnerability in a shared creative experience.

Sam is the most active on Instagram and you can hear more of her story by visiting her IGTV channel here! You can also hear her chatting candidly about all things creativity and mental health in these fabulous featured Podcasts: Hangin’ with Matty D, Coffee & Convos, Make Share Grow Podcast , Cup of Ambition Podcast, Wait…WTF with Julia Wells.