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Ryspot Design

Edmonton, Canada

Ryspot Design was established in 2016 to build relationships through objects. The studio name comes from designer Ryan Spotowski's name. Ryspot Design currently focuses on material innovation, edition scale production, and custom fabrication.

Ryspot Design is rooted in the craftsmanship of materials inspired by a family heritage of makers. Based upon the skills and knowledge of third-generation craftsman, Ryspot Design looks for innovative methods and new technologies while balancing an appreciation of materials. Material choices are inspired by our built environments; by creating a relationship with the materials in our environment in a domestic setting, we are able to view our built environments with appreciation and openness. The pieces created by Ryspot Design can stand out or blend seamlessly with a space depending on the intention of the space; the pieces can be suited to minimalism or maximalism.

The studio focuses on critiquing the built environment and the consumer process through unique production and craftsmanship.
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