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Robert Otto Epstein - Murals and Art
Robert Otto Epstein
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Robert Otto Epstein

New York, NY

Robert Otto Epstein (b. 1979) studied philosophy and political science at the University of Pittsburgh and law at the University of Durham in the UK. He has exhibited widely in the US and Europe and has been featured in several publications, including The New York Times, ELLE Magazine, L Magazine, The Jealous Curator, Design Sponge, The Chronogram, The New Criterion, Brown Paper Bag, Pattern Pulp, Juxtapoz, Little Paper Planes, Make Space, Dwell Studio, Roll Magazine, Past Present Future, and The Wild Magazine. Epstein’s work is in the corporate collections of Facebook, The Big Human, and Fidelity Investments, to name a few. Epstein has curated many exhibitions in New York City.

Robert’s paintings and drawings are inspired by his interest in philosophy, architecture, and the history of design. His work ranges from figurative portraits to calculated patterns, Robert’s “8 Bitterized” paintings are based on images he finds on the web. He then uses Photoshop to transform the images into a grid of colors and geometric shapes.