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Richard Blackwell

Sydney, Australia

"Multiple modular plane public architectonic walk pattern parametric print press Stella Horstmans studio studio riding your bike down Wabash riding your bike down and Anzac parade studio."
Richard Blackwell is an Australian Artist and Technician
Richard runs labs in the DFL at UNSW
Richard runs Studio Studio a collective studio in Canberra ACT

My work creates an account of the experience of living and interacting in our current social reality. That experience itself is the result of countless phenomenological interactions and relationships that are mediated by technology, ideology and the concrete structure of the built environment. As a result my work is a network of objects, a combination or a collage of marks, observations and processes, parsed by technological systems and personal systems of labor. As experience is mediated by personal desire so is the work. In this sense, equally connected to the external, the work attempts to take note or be aware of my own desire to make art as production, and so reflect my experience of the world in my work.

Centered in Sculpture and Printmedia, my practice takes wide ranging interdisciplinary approaches. My work invokes many narrative or thematic concerns relating to the experience of moving through the built environment in a way akin to Benjamin's Flaneur. This can span the spectrum of visual accounts of simple moments in transit to intensive research projects as a reaction to witnessed phenomena.
Wescover creator since 2019

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