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Renee Dinauer  Sculpture

Renee Dinauer Sculpture

Santa Rosa, CA

"Free form, Bent Wood Sculpture"
Renee Dinauer - Sculptor
www. Santa Rosa, California

Renee Dinauer has been creating a plethora of unique, freeform wall and free hanging sculpture formed of steam-bent hardwoods. The, sweeping bent elements are dyed, or painted and, subsequently clamped into rigid forms before fine finishing. Renee has a great interest in constructivism of all kinds; as sculpture, or even architecture, often challenging traditional material bounds. Her greatest interest involves the study of topology, especially surfaces alluding to a four-dimensional topological source, or extrapolation thereof. Renee received her undergraduate degree at The University of California - Los Angeles. Her art career really began at UCLA; strolling through its sculpture gardens and nearby Getty Museum; inspiring her many ubiquitous creative and academic interests. Since, she has been exhibiting at art shows, galleries and museum shows garnering numerous principal awards. Renee’s interest in doing large projects has led her into the public, corporate and hospitality field where she relishes in the variety of, often, colossal, challenging, yet rewarding projects adorning numerous lobbies and public spaces of notable properties in the United States and offshore.

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