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Rebecca Niederlander - Sculptures and Art
Rebecca Niederlander
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Rebecca Niederlander

Los Angeles, CA

“Rebecca Niederlander is an American visual artist who was born in 1965. Rebecca Niederlander has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Huntsville Museum of Art and at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Rebecca Niederlander’s sculptures and site-specific installations are labor-intense abstractions that use repetition and the inherent ephemeral nature of the materials to address the individual’s position within the larger intergenerational community; as well as the micro and macro nature of ego, and ego’s relationship to the necessities of solitude and boredom in the creation of individual thought. She also co-founded the social practice BROODWORK in which she curated, wrote, and designed actions and objects that explored the interweaving of the creative practices and family life—in particular, parenthood.”