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Ramon Sales

SP, Brazil

Ramon was scribbling the wall between one subject and another. Fascinated by the letters, he began painting on the streets in 2013. He researched graffiti for his high school graduation work, which eventually turned into a movie. about pixação in Fortaleza.

Always drawn to words and their many possibilities for interpretation, he began to experiment aesthetically with letters, intrigued by how they interact to form words. Sometimes he squeezes a word between two pixels or extends the letters from the floor to the top of the wall, always making a connection with what that building represents, or the social context in which it is inserted. "Chaos", "time" and "sweat" are constantly on the walls of the places where he passed, establishing conversations with the walls and cities.

Ramon believes that letters are born at the moment of painting, transforming the process into a performance that seeks aesthetic solutions to the way letters can fill and fit surfaces.

Very critical of the city and its people, Ramon and his lyrics invite us to further reflect on what words can mean.
Wescover creator since 2019

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